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Chairman of the Association of Online Media Practitioners in Nigeria OMPAN), Wole Arisekola has decried alleged intimidation of journalists from security operatives.

The group in a statement in Abuja signed by its chairman said the way security operatives have continued to clamp down on online journalists is unacceptable.

In a chat with Pulse, Arisekola said while professional journalists try to do their legitimate job of information dissemination, the environment in which they operate is becoming more hostile as security operatives seem to be getting overzealous.

In his words, Mr Arisekola expressed that

I think I am not comfortable now with what is happening in Nigeria with our professional colleagues, I mean the online journalists. You write something about someone that is in bad light, that person can take you to court, it is not a criminal offence but a civil offence but now am so surprised that DSS, is what the politicians are using to intimidate people.”

Speaking further, Arisekola said, ‘I have taken the matter to the Inspector General of Police, we’ve never had it so bad in Nigeria where people will be taken to police station, detain there, taken to court, prison, why? When someone writes something about you and you think it is illegal, it’s a libel case and not a criminal offence.’

In conclusion Arisekola lauded the media for not compromising on freedom of speech and expression even as he lamented the activities of bloggers who flout copyrights laws

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