Talking drummer talks about his sojourn into promotion of his cultural heritage.



It is working and giving me total confidence that I have, rich and exciting culture to be proud of.

The right thing or probably say the best thing I have done was strategizing how to take my Cultural Heritage beyond our community.

The name ‘Ayan De First‘ might be controversial but it has nothing to do with being the FIRST ever Talking Drummer, but the FIRST to have REBRANDED it and make it more acceptable amongst the elites and people in the West.

My FIRST performance outside our community in this Country was in Clapham North Station South West London when I got kicked out of the station as the guard security claimed I was making noise.

That subsequently led to a performance for Harriet Hamman at the Labour party campaign in South East London and followed by a performance at Heathrow Airport VIP lounge for Sir Richard Branson.

Months after, I ended up in Buckingham Palace to perform for Her Majesty The Queen and Royal Family, appeared in all British national newspapers and on British television channels.

It has really been the most challenging thing to convince and canvass people outside our community to accept our Culture but to God be the glory to have made it easy.

The recent presentation on Nigerian pre-colonial non-verbal communication systems organised by Iroko Theartre Company in Stratford, East London was a success with numerous questions from the audience who wanted to know more and more about African culture.

“I got kicked out at first from a tube station for ‘noise making’ before I became known as De First talking drummer”.

This is all about my cultural heritage.

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