Barca Liver-bruised at Anfield: How social media reacts to Liverpool’s UCL final

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The greatest comeback record of UEFA Champions League was set by Liverpool FC during the battle for the finalist at Anfield on Tuesday. Yet from 3 goals down depressed fans of Liverpool at Nou Camp would only miracle to happen, having come to the reality that Barcelona FC fans have come close to face  either Ajax or Tottenham in the finals.

Luis Suarez

Twists, turns and pantomime villains – Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final win against Barcelona had it all.

As ever, social media perfectly encapsulated the emotions felt by all of us.

Here’s a little taste of how it all unfolded on Twitter.

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez’s pre-match comments – where he said he would not celebrate if he scored – came back to haunt him after Liverpool’s stunning comeback win against Barcelona

It’s happening


Facing a three-goal deficit, even the most optimistic of Liverpool fans probably didn’t give their side much of a chance.

Certainly, Barcelona were not too concerned when Divock Origi gave the hosts an early lead…


But then 1-0 became 2-0…


… which quickly became 3-0…


And when the fourth went in, the drama was all too much for some…

Line of Duty

Suarez – a man of his word…

Luis Suarez was not a popular man among Liverpool fans after he celebrated his goal against the Reds in the first leg but, in the eyes of some, he redeemed himself in the second leg.

He had promised not to celebrate scoring at Anfield and some couldn’t resist the opportunity to remind him of that comment…

Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez

Suarez’s helping hand?

Some fans also noted that Suarez actually played quite a significant part in Liverpool’s win.

Georginio Wijnaldum’s two quick goals after the break made it 3-3 on aggregate and put the Reds on the way to a historic result. But the Dutchman was only on the pitch because of an injury to Andy Robertson, caused by Suarez…

Luis Suarez

A moment of magic

But on a night of amazing moments, plenty of the post-match plaudits were reserved for Trent Alexander-Arnold.

With the tie level and the game seemingly heading towards extra time, the 20-year-old full-back displayed impressive intelligence and speed of thought to take a quick corner, catching out the Barcelona defence and allowing an unmarked Divock Origi to sweep home the winner.

It was a moment that left many football fans speechless…


… and drew high praise from his fellow professionals.

Cesc Fabregas

But amid all the euphoria and disbelief of what we all saw unfold on Tuesday night, spare a thought for poor Jake. It sounds like he’s got a fun day ahead of him…

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