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Breaking: New ferry arrives London Woolich from Poland

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New London Ferry arrives: Pictured by Jibril Oladigbolu, London

A radiant ultra modern ferry assembled in Poland has been sighted arrive London Woolich Ferry on Thursday. One of the new Ferries to start crossing the River Thames called Ben Woollacott came to the dockland in North Woolich pier of east London to improvise as the upgrade and reconstruction works are ongoing at the crossing.


Woolwich Ferry upgrade

Then, what is coming up next..

Two new boats will replace the current 55-year-old fleet and make the service more reliable and comfortable for customers. The new high-tech mooring system they will use is being installed at Woolwich and North Woolwich piers.

During the this time drivers need to use alternative crossings which may have height, weight and width restrictions. Check the traffic conditions or follow @TfLTrafficNewson Twitter.

The Woolwich Foot Tunnel will stay open for foot passengers and cyclists.

New boats

The new vessels will have more space, cycle-specific facilities and use a quieter, low-emission engine.

The boats are called the ‘Ben Woollacott’, after a former deckhand who died working on the ferry and the ‘Dame Vera Lynn’, after the legendary singer from east London. (Find out more about the history behind the names.)

They were built by Polish company Remontowa and as scheduled both will sail to London from Poland.

 According to TFl, the improvements will contribute to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and support the Mayor’s goals for cleaner air and more river transport.

Benefits for customers include:

  • Improved reliability
  • 14% more space for passengers and vehicles – the boats will be able to carry 150 passengers, with a total of 210 metres for vehicles across four lanes as well as dedicated cycle spaces
  • Step-free access
  • Enhanced safety – the new vessels will berth using magnetic technology, making them more stable to  board and alight

The new boats meet London’s Low Emission Zone standards because they use a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system. This means these boats will:

  • Be fuel efficient
  • Make less noise
  • Produce fewer emissions – two filtering systems like the ones used on London buses will reduce pollutants






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