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By Kehinde Ayoola (JP)

I do not pretend that I’m a geneticist – a course that I found quite abstract and a bit insipid while in the university.
I therefore doff my cap for a man like Senator Prof Ajayi Boroffice who even holds a PhD in the field.

However with due respect to Prof Boroffice, his intervention is a clever attempt to bamboozle our people with his knowledge of genetics – a field with very few professionals even in today’s Nigeria.

Our people say that in the city of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. So in this present case, Boroffice has quite cunningly steered our attention into technicalities.

Nigerians are not talking of a clone of President Buhari in the strictest or the most scientific sense.

They are suspecting a body double. And that’s not the same thing as a scientific clone.

In any case, if it were that type of clone, saying he is from Sudan is unscientific!

Let the man in the eye of the storm come out and clear the air.

This is not saying that it is not the real Buhari that is in Aso Rock.

It is a known thing that nations use body doubles of their leaders as a security measure. Late Josef Stalin of the defunct USSR was known to have done this quite a lot of times.

That is the “clone” some Nigerians are talking about.

Not the one you prepare in the lab which, in Buhari’s case, would need 75 years to mature.

And this whole thing segues annoyingly well into the disdain with which PMB has held the nation in terms of communication. He doesn’t talk to the people.
In a situation where the leader renders himself incommunicado, rumours are bound to sporulate! And that is what we are having now.

That’s not good enough.

Thank you.

Kehinde Ayoola JP, former Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly writes from Oyo Town.

Dated 28th November, 2018

Picture credit: Guardian Nigeria Newspapers

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