Greedy Husband Hires Men To Kill His Wife After She Becomes Rich But She Has The Last Laugh!

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(Wednesday, November 21, 2018) -After 15 years of marriage, a greedy husband hired some people to kidnap and kill his wife so he could claim her recent wealth for himself. Little did he know that things don’t always work out the way they’re planned.


oe Childs and her husband, Mack, moved together to the United Kingdom shortly after they were married 15 years ago. The couple agreed that they both wanted the chance for a better life and that they wanted to be able to give their children a brighter future. These aspirations made England the dream place for them.

Once the couple immigrated to the United Kingdom, things turned out okay. Zoe worked in a bakery while Mack drove a truck for a furniture company. They weren’t making a lot of money, but they were happy together in their little apartment. The couple was excited about the lifestyle they built for themselves.

One thing that they’d never managed to do though is to start a family. No matter how much they tried, they couldn’t get pregnant and fertility treatments were too expensive to be an option for them. Regardless of this, Zoe thought that life with Mack was perfect.

Pictured above are Zoe (right), happily in love with her husband Mack on the left.

Nearly two months ago, while Zoe was on her lunch break, she was playing her favorite game, Candy Crush, when a Gala Bingo ad popped up. It was offering £30 free bonussimply for signing up. Tempted by the thought of something free and the many chances to win 120 spins offered, Zoe quickly signed up and started playing. She never thought that her 34th spin would make her £304,787 richer.


Thrilled with her winnings, Zoe headed home to share the great news with Mack. On the way there, she started making big plans for the money. The top things on her list: in-vitro treatment and a trip back home to Africa.

Mack was also very excited about the money and what it meant to them. When he heard about the trip back to their home country, though, he was quick to come up with a work excuse so that he wouldn’t have to join her. Zoe didn’t think anything of it, and a few days later she was flying out to Kenya.

Zoe then booked a trip to Kenya for her IVF treatments.

While unwinding in her hotel room in Kenya, Zoe and Mack were talking on the phone. He suggested that Zoe step outside and describe the scenery to him. He claimed to miss the sights and sounds of his homeland. As she did so, though, Zoe saw a strange man walking quickly toward her. As he came nearer, the man pulled out a gun and told her not to scream. He forced Zoe into a car and drove them to a remote area of the city.

Zoe was tied to a chair as her kidnappers talked about their next move. She heard them say that they needed to contact their boss. The men kept asking Zoe why a man would want to have her killed. She didn’t know who they were talking about so the men told her that Mack had wanted them to kill her. Zoe was outraged at their accusations and called them liars. There was no way that Mack would hire someone to kill her. The kidnappers called their boss and put him on speaker phone. That’s when Zoe’s heard her husband’s voice telling the men to kill her.

For three terrifying days, Zoe was held captive as the men decided what to do with her. In the end, they decide to simply let her go because they couldn’t, in good conscience, kill a woman. Instead, the men decided to demand more money from Mack and lied to him by telling him that Zoe was dead.

Zoe quietly flew back to England and headed to her own funeral. As she watched the mourners leave her funeral service, she confronted Mack right there.

Surprise, Surprise, guess who came to crash “her” own funeral?!

Mack was completely shocked and taken aback by Zoe’s appearance in front of him. At first, he couldn’t figure out if what he was seeing was real or if his eyes were playing tricks on him. He touched her arm tentatively and jumped back when he realized that she was indeed standing right in front of him. He tried to apologize to Zoe, but she couldn’t be swayed.

Mack was busted!

Zoe quickly called the police and they arrived at the funeral in just a few moments. Though Mack tried to deny his involvement in Zoe’s kidnapping and the murder plot, the kidnappers had kept evidence of their transactions. They turned this documentation over to the police in exchange for a lesser sentence at their own trials. Mack eventually pleaded guilty to his charges and was sentenced to a long prison term.

Zoe, started a new life from scratch! With, her money!

Zoe didn’t let her harrowing experience or the deceit of her husband stop her from moving forward. With her winnings, she decided to realize her dream of becoming a businesswoman. She purchased her own bakery that is thriving. She moved out of the apartment she shared with Mack and now owns a small and tidy house on the outskirts of town.

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