It’s Shameful Comparing Miyetti Allah With Afenifere, Ohanaeze —Bakare

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Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly , Pastor Tunde Bakare , on Sunday , described as shameful the Presidency ’ s attempt to put herders ’ group , Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders ’ Association of Nigeria, on the same social status as the Yoruba and Igbo socio -cultural bodies, Afenifere and Ohanaeze Ndigbo, respectively .

Bakare made his position known in a sermon in the church in Ogba , Lagos State .

He said it was more shameful for the Presidency to exclude the North ’s socio -cultural organisation , the Arewa Consultative Forum, from its illogical comparison .

Speaking on “ The sign of Jonah , the prophet, ” the cleric led the congregation to pray that Nigeria would vomit “ bandits , killers , kidnappers, cattle rustlers , killer herdsmen and looters” to round off his sermon.

He stated , “ It is shameful for anyone to compare Miyetti Allah with Afenifere . Such person cannot be in his right senses to think that Miyetti Allah and Afenifere and Ohanaeze are the same .

“ How can a group that has been rated as the fourth most deadly group in the world by the United Nations, a group of terrorists , be the same as Afenifere ?

“ How can a group that kills people , rapes women , destroys houses be on the same scale as Afenifere ? Do Afenifere members carry weapons ?”

Bakare argued that the exclusion of the ACF from the comparison by the Presidency was deliberate, in order to put the northern group on a higher scale above Yoruba and the Igbo groups.

He added , “ And to show the true colour of the person doing the comparison , he left out the ACF from his comparison as if that one is above everybody else .

“ If you have to put Afenifere and Ohanaeze on the same scale as Miyetti Allah, why did you exclude the ACF ? Is it not to tell everyone that the ACF is superior to other groups in the country ?”

The cleric submitted that bandits , kidnappers, cattle rustlers , killer herdsmen and looters had become the commander – in-chief of the nation , owing to their overwhelming presence and the inability of the relevant authorities to stop their activities .

Bakare said , “ It is evident that the bandits ; criminals , killing people every day ; those kidnapping people over the place ; and cattle rustlers and killer herdsmen terrorising the people are in charge in this country ; they are the commander – in-chief .

“ Nobody seems to know what to do anymore ; the terrorists are in charge . They have even extended their regime to these areas. They now kidnap lecturers; doctors are no longer safe.

“ The whole nation is under the control of terrorists . But in the name of the Lord , Nigeria shall be delivered . I shall witness the deliverance and greatness of Nigeria. ”


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