Jeremy Kyle Show axed! How Lie Detector Tests ruined families

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Carl Woolley, 39, from Telford, spoke to his distraught dad after he filmed the show

Steve wanted to go on the show to prove he had always been faithful to Jane – he was found dead days after the episode was recorded
The following week he died in a suspected suicide and the controversial show has been suspended with MPs urging ITV to permanently scrap the programme.

Both the show and Kyle have come under fire but it has since emerged Steve’s own stepdaughter has defended the presenter, claiming he was a “liar”.

Steve’s son Carl Woolley, 39, had not spoken to his dad for seven years but received a call from a relative who became concerned about his behaviour after the show.

Carl, a health and safety adviser, told the Daily Mail: “I called after he got home from filming the episode. He was distraught over the break-up of the relationship.

“He had gone on the show solely to clear his name but he said it had gone wrong because of the lie detector test.

“He was adamant that he did not lie. He was so upset that he wasn’t making much sense, but he just kept repeating: ‘I haven’t cheated, Carl, I swear I haven’t cheated’.”

Carl, a dad-of-three from Telford, Shrops, said Kyle had “ripped into him” on the show, filmed on May 2.

Meanwhile, an audience member last night said Steve was “crying from the very beginning” during the show.

Babette Lucas-Marriott told the BBC: “Everyone felt the mood change, he was crying from the very beginning and he was so convinced that he would pass this test and that everything would be fine.

“Jeremy brought out the lie detector test and he asked the audience ‘who thinks he’s going to pass?’

“99 per cent of the audience put their hand up, including myself, and then he said he’d failed.

And you just saw him collapse to the ground. He absolutely just couldn’t believe what he had heard and y’know he was begging his fiance for forgiveness

Audience Member
“And you just saw him collapse to the ground. He absolutely just couldn’t believe what he had heard and y’know he was begging his fiance for forgiveness.”

Mr Wooley – who had not seen his dad for 36 years – recalled the last conversation he had with his dad and said: “Steve told me ‘Kyle really laid into me’.

“Presumably that was at the point when they announced the lie detector result.”

A note addressed to Carl was found alongside his dad’s body in the flat he shared with Jane Callaghan, 48, in Portsmouth, Hants.

He said: “I’m satisfied Steve intended to kill himself. In the note, he apologised and asked me not to hate him for what he has done.”

Sophie Fifield – Jane’s daughter – told the Daily Star Steve had tried to kill himself several times before.

Sophie, from Gosport, said: “My stepdad failed so he must have been lying. He was always lying but he was convincing.

“I think he couldn’t deal with the lies. Nobody deserves to die but I just feel bad for my mum.”

She added: “I think the show should carry on. It is not down to Jeremy – it is not his fault at all really.”

Steve’s landlady Shelley said “tears were rolling down his face” when he returned home after filming the show.

She said he told her it “turned nasty” after the lie detector results were revealed.

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