Kenneth Omeruo Set To Leave Chelsea For Good!

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The Super Eagles defender says
the time for him to leave Chelsea is now.

While acknowledging he has achieved a lot with the London club side, he believes the time to take the next career move is now. “It time to find a place, to be my own man, I’m married with a baby now so I need stability. Chelsea have done amazingly for me and for my family as well, but it’s the time when I need to reach my potential and get where I think I deserve to be”.

The defensive midfielder who is banking on another continental title to help him find security elsewhere added, “I don’t want to be that player who, because I can earn money playing at Chelsea, just sits and waits for injuries or maybe an FA Cup game”.

Omeruo who appears to have had enough at Chelsea said, “If you’re not going to use me then let me go and play. I’m realistic, I know Chelsea have so many amazing players, central defenders as well. It’s just the opportunity. I haven’t been given one. If I get one I’ll take it but I can’t just sit around.”

Omeruo who joined Chelsea at age 18 is the club’s longest-serving current player but most of his time there has been spent on loan.

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