Man Wakes Up After 10 Years In Coma, Falls Back To Coma After Seeing His Hospital Bill

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33-year old Kwadwo Mpiani has awaken from a coma just to go back to sleep again after finding out his hospital bill was up to Ghc 300,000 and still counting as he was still connected at the moment he woke up.

Kwadwo Mpiani fell into a coma 10 years ago after having a car accident. Doctors have made everything the can to make him wake up, but nothing had worked, until last week, when they were finally able to bring him back.

“We are very happy that you’re back here”, said the owner of the hospital, with the greatest smile ever, after Kwadwo Mpiani woke up. “You’ve been our most loyal customer. Your bill is almost reaching Ghc 310,000!”, he concluded.

After hearing these words, Kwadwo Mpiani got a heart attack and fell back into a coma. They don’t know when he will wake up again, if he ever does.

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