Oppressed, oppressors and the need to speak up now–Asiwaju Babatunde Badmus

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We have, by virtue of sheer ignorance, selfish interest, personal aggrandizement and lack of unity given more power to our oppressors. We are failing to realize that our chronic disdain for unity and genuine focus has caused us more havoc than good.

In time past, some great liberators, freedom fighters and voice of voiceless masses have been victimized, oppressed, jailed, maimed and sometimes killed just for challenging the draconian and wicked actions of our leaders in the country. We the people are often quick to criticize anyone trying to challenge the powers that be, all because we belong to some partisan quarters.

Many of these leaders don’t even have their children as members of any political party in the country, they don’t study in the same classrooms with you, they get the best of jobs and appointment yet, we betray ourselves for the interest of these selfish and unrepentantly wicked vultures and hyenas.

According to the great Marthin Luther King Jr. In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. I mean your own silence when you needed to speak up.

Probably you have forgotten that an individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity and his people.

However, Sowore’s clamor for a better Nigeria is in order, even though his approach maybe wrong. But I think we need more and more people to share this national thought – need for a true change.

Some of us have been in positions where we had to lead a protest on several occasions and we produced banners, flyers, shirts, and other souvenirs and spread it out for free such that even our opposition helped us in the campaign unknowingly. He got the approach wrong.

I am not a fan of Sowore, but it’s sad how our fellow comrades, youths and people in the academics who should know better are justifying his arrest. Fringe voices at least must be allowed to express themselves.

A Sowore who has no following outside social media called for a so-called revolution and a serious government became instantly rattled!

I pray we don’t end up like those countries whose a hundred thousand of their currency can only afford a cup of tea despite the fact that they have crude oil and other natural resources in abundance.

By now, a truly patriotic citizen of Nigeria should know that indeed incidents have assumed frightening proportions, hence an urgent need to send a serious message, in a unified voice, to all those rent-seekers in power.

Asiwaju Babatunde Badmus, a public commentator writes from Ibadan.

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