Shiites Disown Ibrahim Musa Over ‘Suspension Of Protest’ Vow To Fight On

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 The outlawed Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) has disowned the president of the Academic Forum of the Movement, Ibrahim Musa over the statement suspending the protest by the group.

The movement asked members of the group and public to disregard the statement on the suspension of the protest saying that one person cannot dictate for the group.

Also, IMN confirmed that #FreeZakzaky protest would continue unabated in Abuja and other states of the federation.

A press statement signed by Abdullahi Musa on Friday in Abuja stated that the statement purportedly issued by the President of Academic Forum of the movement, Ibrahim Isa on 31st July was a combination of misinformation and miscommunication. He, therefore, urged the public to disregard the statement.

He noted that the statement issued by Musa does not in any way reflect the beliefs and convictions of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. He added that a single person within the movement has no authority or power to dictate his opinion on the group except the spiritual leader, Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

The group said that no decision of the movement has been communicated on the pages of a newspaper adding that the group would investigate the source of the statement for misleading members of the group.

” We wish to also explicitly state that we are fully determined to continue our protests. We shall continue our peaceful protests, uninterrupted and unhindered till our leader Sheikh Zakzaky is free, for as long as it takes, regardless of obstacles. Until Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is Free, our protests will continue ” Musa declared.

The statement further stated that the movement is protesting against the illegal detention of their leader and his wife.

” We are legally protesting against all forms of illegal detention, extrajudicial killings, among numerous other illegal perpetrations of injustice, by this current administration”
According to the statement “On the 31st day of July 2019 a press statement titled “We Are Temporarily Suspending Our Street Protests” and signed by Malam Ibrahim Musa, President of the Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, went viral. The article was published and aired by numerous media outlets, both local and international. In the statement, it was written that “this was mainly to create openings into the resolution of problems, especially the court case instituted by our lawyers on the proscription order by the federal government this week.

” Our only conclusion is that this whole affair was a combination of misinformation, miscommunication, human error and other significant factors.

” For this reason, we are compelled to caution the media to never treat, any further, such explicit declarations by any member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in general, and Ibrahim Musa in particular, without a grain of salt. We wish to also explicitly state that we are fully determined to continue our protests”.

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