We Are Lucky To Have Makinde As Our Governor In Oyo State- Hon Kunle Yusuf

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We Are Luck To Have Makinde As Our Governor In Oyo State- Hon Kunle Yusuf

The Oyo State 2020 fiscal year budget of 208.8 billion Naira presented by Governor Seyi Makinde at the Oyo state house of Assembly has been described as a budget that will remove the state from poverty to prosperity.

The Senoir Special Assistance to the Governor on Sustainable Development Goals, Honorable Kunle Yusuf made this known in a chat with journalists at his office Agodi Secretariat Ibadan.

According to Hon Yusuf,the budget of 208.8 was actually targeted to actualize the four cardinal programme of the present administration which include Security, Education,Health and Expansion of Economy through Agriculture.

He explained that, the Seyi makinde led government placed priority on welfare of the people hence the need for the realistic budget of 208.8 billion Naira

For instance,On education the 22.3 percent allocated to education which is above UNESCO standard was an indication that the present administration under Seyi Makinde is determined to provide free and qualitative education for people of Oyo state.

“When discussing about the 2020 Budget presented to the 9th Assembly by Governor Seyi Makinde, ” The larger percentage of the budget was allocated to education which has not happened in the history of Oyo State before”

“We have a Governor which has given a priority to Basic Education, Secondary and Tertiary Education in the state.

“We are lucky to have Governor Seyi Makinde as our governor in Oyo State, “The reason why i said so is about the Education Specific because UNESCO actually as a markup on every budget, It was 2003 that the united came up with a percentage that every government should follow and when the government comes into existence, The Government brings the budget on education above 22% and that’s as moved beyond the recommendation of UNESCO, That’s a great score on SDG.” Hon Yusuf said

According to him,Every single step this Administration had been doing on education is centered around SDG for examples, Zero Tolerance for out of school children, Security to schools, Training of teachers, infrastructure Development, Human Capacity, Free Education, Free Text Books and Exercise Book, Distribution of school uniforms and so on, these are scores on SDG .

He explained that as far as Education is concerned in Oyo state, The Government is doing well and prayed to God to continue to Governor Seyi Makinde in handling the affair of the state.

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