KBJOJO™ International Consulting  is a dedicated creative communications agency working with the media, public health project promotions and engagements, marketing, public relations across governmental and non-governmental, entertainment, arts and culture organisations. We have specialist expertise in film, radio and social entertainment, television, sports, theatrical events, music & dance, image laundering and personal representation, with a dedicated capability in event production, photography-digital and social, Corporate PR, and sponsorship. We offer unrivalled content creation backed by first-class post-production facilities including editing, motion graphics and prints.

Our company  participates in a series of world class exhibition events to  provide media  support services.

We are reckoned as one of the best participants at the BVE 2017 held at Excel , London  and KBJOJO™ Events has been recording an enviable performance over a period of  years at making representations for both corporate businesses as well as providing media support and representations for both governmental and private tourism departments at the London’s World Travel Market and many others.