Wife of Sierra Leonean President Fatima Maada Bio spurs farming initiatives by cultivating 200 acres land farm

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In a bold step to move the West African country away from hunger the hardworking First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone Her Excellency Fatima Maada Bio, accompanied by her visionary husband His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio with about a thousand citizens has set the pace for Sierra Leoneans to embark on farming.

The back-to-tilling-the-land farming encouragement tagged “Sierra Leone First Lady Farming Initiative has been welcomed and was described as an initiative to make Sierra Leone food sufficient and boost revenues to the country’s low income index.

This was demonstrated when the First Lady together with the President of Sierra Leone visited over the weekend (10th November, 2018) the First Lady’s 200 acres of farm situated at Masiaka, norther part of the country.

President Julius Maada Bio planting towards food sufficience promise of his government.

In a picture release obtained from one of the social media handles of the First Lady, Mrs Fatima Maada Bio was seen physically tilling the land among many young Sierra Leoneans in the farm. The message was wildly accepted as a strong indication that the First Lady is totally committed to support President’s promise to make the country food sufficient within a year of the new administation.

“Agriculture is one of president Bio’s main priority in the fight against hunger. Before President assumes office the country has been ranked the third most hungriest country and on that note H.E Fatima Maada Bio has decided to support her husband’s vision in boosting agriculture and it is considered by many as a major step in the fight against hunger in the country and also for Sierra Leoneans to engage in farming to be able to provide for themselves.”

Daughter of President seen watering the plant with her parents

Responses to the initiatives have been welcoming as citizens are taking a cue from the action to go back to farming .

“Good developmental initiative to burst farm the Agricultural sectors by our brain thinker the First Lady for the Republic of Sierra Leone Mrs Fatima Bio. Thanks for your hard work Mummy Bio, Sierra Leonean are proud of your undertakings towards nation building.”, Mamawatta Daboh reacted on Facebook.

It was further stated that

“With the First Lady starting her own farm at the northern part of the country the action is considered the act of ‘ Talk and Do.’ to move Sierra Leone from where this government met her.”

Drawing examples from Thailand and China, she noted that women must be in the driving seat in the attainment of food sufficiency – not simply as traders, but as farm owners.

The First Lady said: “This farm will serve a source of empowerment for the women in this community and the women in all communities in Sierra Leone.

“My aim is not to score political points, but to let women know that they must not only be servants in the kitchen but also major players in boosting our economy by embarking on agriculture.

“Agriculture is life. Therefore, we must make every reasonable effort to save life by engaging in food production. We have rich soil, enough sunshine and rain to achieve food sufficiency. So, we must take advantage of the blessings God has given us. We must defeat the purpose of rice and other food related imports by growing our crops and feeding ourselves,” she said.

By Lashley Oladigbolu

Picture credits: Office of the Sierra Leone First Lady & Facebook.


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