Construction of Four New Bus Terminals In Ibadan: Group lauds Makinde for opening economic frontiers in Oyo State

The Oyo State Executive Council, on Tuesday, approved the award of the contract for the construction of four Ultra-modern Bus Terminals to be located in Iwo Road, Challenge, New Ife Road and Ojoo

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, quoted the State Commissioner for Eorks, Prof. Afonja as saying that the four Ultra-Modern Bus Terminals would redefine the skyline of the State capital, enhance security and the quality of life in the transport sector.
According to him, the Bus Terminals would incorporate Restaurants, Shops, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) galleries and Café, among others.
Afonja said: “The State Executive Council today (Tuesday) approved the award of the contract for the construction of four ultra-modern bus terminals that will include galleries for Automated Teller Machines, restaurants and shops.

A socio-political group known as Seyi Makinde Movement for good governance has hailed the Oyo State governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde for his visionary ambition to construct four modern new bus terminals in Ibadan, the state capital.

A press release signed by the Publicity Secretary of the group, Dr.Abdul-Marooph Adegoke notes that the decision of the Makinde administration is a further testimonial that the current Peoples Democratic Party administration in Oyo State is poised to take the state to a new era of economic prosperity.

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“The purpose is also to collapse the transport units into bus terminals, beautify the skyline and also for security purpose. As you can see, the terminals are strategically located.
“They will also help the operations of the big buses that will soon start operation in the state. The four terminals combine the major inter-state transport units and that is why we are focusing on them.
“The state government has also upgraded the Fire Department to an Agency, Commissioner disclosed.


The Seyi Makinde Movement group said with the state government now having its full grip on the management of public transport operations, there is a potential for private sector investment in that sector of the economy.

A copy of the statement received from Mr Tunde Ologburo Snr. described Oyo State governor as taking appropriate measures to ensure a better economic outlook for the state in no longer time.
“It is fortuitous that at this time when there is a continuous drop in oil revenue, Oyo State has a visionary leader in the helm of affairs. If the federal government is already reviewing its own national budget on account of inaccurate oil revenue projections, the smart thing for a serious state government to do is relying less of handouts from Abuja and begin to make bold steps to open new economic frontiers that will sustain the economy of the state. This is exactly what Governor Makinde is doing and Oyo State cannot be more lucky to have him at the saddle at this point in time”, the statement reads.

Lauding the state handlers in thei pursuits of strategic planning and  economic policy to develop the state, the group stressed that “Ibadan has a very large population with many people traveling in and out of the city from other states across Nigeria for various business activities. What the state government is doing now is to tap into the potentials inherent in the population of Ibadan and the entrepreneurial drive of the people to kick start a brand new and sustainable economy for Oyo State, such that will be less reliant on handouts of oil revenue from the federal government.
“We stand solidly behind the governor on this and also call on all stakeholders in the Oyo State project to stand by the Makinde administration at this time. This time requires a bi-partisan approach to issues of governance. The opposition All Progressives Congress and other renegades should key into the goal of building an economy for the people of Oyo State where government’s revenue and expenditure will not be dependent on handouts from the federal government and prosperity would be abundant for the people of the state.
“The PDP administration under the able leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde is showing leadership by example by eschewing the usual wastage in the way government businesses are being done.

“Long gone are the days of corrupt enrichment. Governor Makinde will not allow looting of the treasury by anyone no matter how highly placed, and he will not engage in highly inflated contracts while denying workers their salaries and emoluments, as was the case in the past.
Pensioners will continue to receive their pensions and the governor is ready to step on toes to protect the resources of Oyo state.
“He has taken it as a responsibility to turn Oyo state from its sick position to a viable and prosperous state. Governor Makinde is a stickler to accountability and believes in giving jobs to capable hands.”

“The resources of Oyo state is for the benefits of the people of Oyo state. The real political godfathers of Governor Makinde are the people of Oyo State – not some unscrupulous politicians who cover their faces with perforated garbs to deceive the people”


In the same vein, a UK based real Estate entrepreneur, Mr.Bidemi Yusuff expressed his support for the state government’s proposed construction of new modern motor parks.


Yusuff opined that “an average 100,000 people use Ibadan to connect with other parts of Nigeria daily, spending about $2 each. Every month passengers spend about $6M travelling from motor parks in Ibadan to cities across Nigeria”

He commended the state governor for taking control of public transport.

“I have said this several times that if you are a smart governor, you will not allow the National Union of Road Transport Workers to pocket this huge business opportunity alone whilst they pay no accountable tax revenue to the government.

“If the Governor is very smart, he does not need to spend a penny of government money on the project, investors will rush to partner with the government on this huge business opportunity,” Yusuff said.

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