Shame unto Lola Ade – John Hon Tourism Minister?

I praise the God almighty.on her behalf
And on behalf of all good-hearted tourism practitioners in Nigeria who prayed for the wellness of this hard-working lady who was struck by an illness at the time of her glory
For me, it is a time for dancing and celebration
That instead of God to put a shame on this lady, God wired thunderous hail of shame unto those who wished her dead.
Lola Ade John
First Minister Federal Ministry of Tourism
They wished you dead
But God is on your side.
At your back
They gathered some unscrupulous and optional illiterates together in Abuja
Some old doldrums pantaloons
Who were carrots and induced with cheap dollars
To canvass the merging of the newly created stand-alone Ministry of Tourism with the newly created Ministry of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy
Some misplaced personalities
Those who do not understand the calling of their appointments
Foolish people
They insulted the President
Telling President Bola Ahmed Tinubu that he was stupid to have created a brand new Ministry of Tourism.
They thought you would die
But God shamed them all
Your survival of the sickness
Is a testimony that you have something to offer the Tourism Sector
What you need now is a journey into self-induced circumspection.
Those you think love you
Those of us you erroneously believed hate you
Those who prayed for you while.awake
Those you appointed and deserted you
Those who rejoice at your medical tribulation
Those who offered a prayer for you.
Never allow these and others to demoralize you
But serve as a lesson in the behavioral patterns of human beings
Welcome back my sister
I know you have a lot to offer
I know you will put a shame to those of us who believe no good can come from your Sodom
Welcome back to beat
I used this opportunity to invite you to Ekiti State
The Paragon of Tourism
To visit Ekiti.
And spend a recuperating weekend at the Ikogosi Warm and Cold Springs
The only one in the whole world.
Refresh at Arinta Waterfall, Ipole – Iloro Ekiti
See the best wonders of the Rocks at Abanijorin Rock – which harbors an amphitheater that can contain 240 people, seven caves, and an understock tunnel.
You can say your prayers and pray against your enemies at the sacred Mountains in Ido,- Ile where prayers are automatically answered by God, or visit Prophet Hezekiah in Erio Ekiti. where almost all those who matter in Nigeria get blessed.
And if you are a Catholic, I will personally take you to Usi Ekiti. where the first Catholic Mass was held in the old Ondo and Kwara State.
Don’t worry Governor Biodun Oyebanji and his responsible wife will host you for 24hrs of pounded yam at Oke Ayoba as he did for Mama Nike Monica Okundaye, CEO of Nike. Arts Gallery Prince Yemisi Shyllon and others who just left Ekiti State.
And for me, I would offer sacrifice at the place where three paths meet to Olodumare to keep you shining and productive excellently in the presence of your enemies
Greater you in Jesus’ name.

Barrister Wale Ojo-Lanre
Director- General
Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development
Governor’s Office
Ado Ekiti.


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