Exposed! True Story of Federal Teaching Hospital Ido and Student Kemi Afolabi- By FactChecker


FactChecker read a particular blogger running two series on this case of a 15 years old SS1 student of Notre Dame Grammar School, Usi – Ekiti, and Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido – Ekiti.
Factchekers discovered some loopholes in the one-legged account of the issue being shared.
This unprofessional, unethical, and pollution of the covenant of objectivity is unfair, in bad taste, and distasteful.

The writer seems to be doing a hatchet job by being monofocal in his assignment.

Though one might not blame him If he is driven genuinely by passion taped with unbridled emotional attachment to the case whereas he is expected to be clinical, detached, and dispassionate in his reportage.

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For, the consequence of his one legged story may wreak inestimable damage to the image of the institution which could be irreparable by the time the coast is cleared.

Ethics dictate fair hearing from the other party as any attempt not to would be tantamount to bullying, harassments and blackmailing

The report shunned out may arrest the attention of people who are not critical readers to ask for the second side.
Actuated by the need to expose the true side of the case, fact-checker visited Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido – Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

That Adeola Olaijo (referred to as Kemi Afolabi in other publications) is a 15-year-old SS 1 student of Notre Dam Grammar School, Usi Ekiti.
She had road traffic injuries consequent to a pedestrian-vehicular road traffic accident on 18/11/2022 at Usi Ekiti.

That she was brought to the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti at about 2:35 pm on the same day.

That treatment was commenced immediately on her without any established protocol.

That, findings at examination showed she had traumatic amputation of the left ankle and an open fracture of the left femoral shaft. Packed Cell Volume was 22% with a rare blood group(A Neg).

That the patient was stabilized and prepared for surgery without delay.

That the hospital was not particular about fees but just to save her life and fixed the leg.

That she had surgery in the early hours of 19/11/2022 (Procedures: Refreshing of left amputated foot plus open reduction and external fixation)
That four pints of blood were
sourced by the hospital and given to the patient during treatment.

That at the time the patient was discharged on 31/01/23, she had accumulated a bill of N296,040.00 and was yet to replace the four pints of blood used for her.

That as the treatment was ongoing, the managing physician had also initiated a process for IfeanHealth, an NGO, in partnership with Stanbic IBTC to assist in securing a prosthesis for the patient.

That the father, notwithstanding the willingness of the hospital to give a waiver from payment of her bills, refused to accept the decision of the doctor to discharge the patient because, according to him, ” he cannot go home with a child who has metals on her leg”.

That the CMD intervened at this point to alleviate and assure the father that all is well.

That the CMD’s intervention at the time was rebuffed by the father of the patient.

That the CMD on compassionate grounds and for the father’s insistence asked that the patient be allowed to continue to occupy her bed space.

That on 10/03/2023, the CMD received a letter from the Office of the Ekiti State Governor to inform the hospital that His Excellency Mr. Governor had instructed that the ‘hospital continued with the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient, including procuring prosthesis’.

That the CMD reached out to the appropriate desk officer in the Governor’s Office immediately upon which a meeting later held on 20/03/2023 at the hospital where concerned officers in the Governor’s Office, members of the medical team managing the patient, and the father of the patient were in attendance.

That the objectives of the meeting were to harmonize the approach to rehabilitation of the patient viz- a – viz, cost of care, and to maintain the father’s cooperation, having earlier frustrated the efforts of the managing team to secure the intervention of IfeanHealth because of his expectation of assistance from the Governor’s Office.

That the resolutions at this meeting were being addressed when the latest online press onslaught was circulated.

That the CMD on 19/03/23, received from the Governor’s Office payment for the outstanding bills up to 31/03/23 for the patient (N296,040.00) and N750,000.00 for processing the required prosthesis.

That the same day the payment was received, the CMD held a meeting with the parents of the patient and members of the managing team to inform them of the financial assistance.

That the main challenge now is that the doctors treating the patient who serially and wickedly has been blackmailed in the public space has become demotivated and are no longer willing to continue with the care of the patient because of a breach of trust.

That it is the father that is frustrating the efforts of Hospital Management to procure a lasting solution for her daughter before the kind intervention of the Governor of Ekiti State.

That the hospital has been magnanimous and generous both in the treatment and attention to this lady.

That despite that the ‘metals’ have eventually been removed; the patient stays in the hospital bed because the father has refused to leave.

That not withstanding ,the additional bills the patient incurred from 31/03/23 till 19/04/23 (N179,000) had been written off again by the hospital.

That the Hospital can no longer serve its accommodation free for the lady because she is healthy to be discharged.

That the Hospital is appealing to the public to counsel her father to take her daughter home as she is fit to be an outpatient.

That the bed space she is occupying is critically needed by other patients who are in agony
That no file was missing as the said file had always been in the custody of the ward manager who produced it all the time for clinical and administrative purposes.

That the Hospital is ever ready to discharge its duties to all without fear or favor but also with utmost care and empathy.


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