Explore African destinations, lakes and tropical islands selected for your next anniversary!

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These locations are few in Africa you can explore. Give it a trial for your next anniversary and save yourself from the cost to fly to America, London or Paris for wedding anniversary or business anniversary. Let's have your views.
Beautiful Anniversaries Destinations in Africa.
By Awegor Mathew

Every year if you are to celebrate anniversaries, it’d be taking almost every day of your life or every month to finally celebrate all. But, you might want to use a special day in your life to celebrate that special anniversary. Perhaps, Wedding anniversary, company, business relationships, partnership or even birthdays are birth anniversaries and deserved a specially reserved day or vacation to give yourself complete care and treatment. This is why this is looking at suggesting beautiful destinations to make the anniversary memorable.

Africa is a beautiful continent filled with unlimited natural resources and reservations across different countries including South Africa, Seychelles, Nigeria, Kenya etc and here we dish out some few of them to enable your anniversary vacation fun-filled.

South Africa

South Africa holds power in tourist attraction in African continent and thrives to keep you entertained at any visit. A lot of cities and recreational centres will make you want to spend your next holiday or anniversary in the country ranging from the beautiful island, forest reserved to natural reservation such as museum parks, Table Mountain, and lots more beautiful stuff.


Many cities inside Morocco got you covered in as far as Africa is concerned to make your wedding anniversary or partnership fun. Many Africans fancy so much in travelling in western countries for their celebrations much especially Nigerians. Following the recent ban on some African countries to enter the US, this will be a good opportunity for you to explore African countries so you can see the beauty you are missing in looking outside. Morocco got you covered. One of the amazing places to visit in the country as so dear to many is “Djmaa el Fna”.

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Talking about Africa, it will be difficult to escape mentioning Nigeria. One of the most populated countries in Africa filled with natural resources. People all over the world do come to Nigeria to spend quality time from beaches to islands and to resorts such as Tinapa resort located in Cross River State, Calabar, Obudu Cattle Ranch in Ogoja, Cross River, Olumo Rock, and above all, Lekki Conservation Center for fun and vacations. These locations among others will add more spices to your anniversary.


As far as we are talking about natural reservations, Islands or cool and beautiful places in the whole world, Seychelles is always an option to talk about with beautiful islands, beaches and freshness of trees in the countries, your anniversary will be safe in the country. Some of these places include even the capital city “Victoria”, La Digue Island, Anse Lazio, Vallée de Mai among others.


With stunning lakes, beautiful beaches, tropical islands, and a wealth of national parks, Kenya pretty much runs the gamut in terms of tourist attractions. The country generally has a pleasant tropical climate that is compatible with all sorts of thrills and adventures. If you’re looking for an all-round experience, then Kenya should definitely top your destination list.

These locations are few in Africa you can explore. Give it a trial for your next anniversary and save yourself from the cost to fly to America, London or Paris for wedding anniversary or business anniversary.

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