How To Use Masks: As Governor Makinde Sets To Roll Out Masks In A Bid To Stop Spread of Covid-19

Oyo State COVID-19 #MASKS:

Before Governor Seyi Makinde rolls out millions of face masks to Oyo State people, please get enlightened on how or not to use them.

Public health enlightenment on strict hygienic practices in the use of masks is much needed. As Oyo State would be rolling out the mask attentions must be paid to preventing re-use or reckless disposal of masks.
Please note. *Face masks are only effective for protection if they are handled, worn, stored and disposed of properly. Used improperly, and the masks actually become vehicles for spreading germs and COVID-19*

If you plan to wear a face mask, it’s vital that you learn the right way to use and re-use it. Below are must do and mustn’t do.

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*Face Mask Do’s & Don’ts*

Before and after handling the mask (to put it on, adjust or take it off), do practice proper hand hygeine. Either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after you touch the mask — EVERY TIME — to reduce cross-contamination risk. The outside of the mask is considered dirty.

Do mark the outside of the mask in some way so you can easily identify which side is the outside of the mask, and handle it accordingly.

Do keep a paper bag handy for storing the mask every time you take it off; a plastic Ziploc-style baggie is an alternative if a paper bag is not available. Always store a mask in a clean place. Never store it in a purse or pocket.

Do not touch the outside of your mask while it is on your face. Do not pull your mask below your chin while you’re wearing it. Leaving the mask dangling or improperly fitted to your face creates opportunities for cross-contamination.

Lashley Oladigbolu- media and public health practitioner

*Mask Use & Re-use*:

_How-to_ –

-Clean your hands using proper hand hygeine.
-Loop elastic over your ears.
-Pull it down so that it’s covering under your chin; secure it to your face by pinching over your nose.
-Be sure it’s on nice and secure.
-Before removing the mask, clean your hands.
-Remove the mask using the ear loops.
-Inspect it to be sure it can be reused.


*Ask yourself these questions!*

Has it been compromised? Is it wet? Visibly soiled? If it is, go ahead and throw it away, then perform hand hygiene.

If the mask is OK to reuse, prepare it for storage.
(Next step). Fold the mask in half (lengthwise or widthwise), so the outside surfaces are touching each other.
Place it carefully into your clean storage area/bag.
Seal the bag, if you’re using a paper one;
if using a plastic baggie, leave it open. Perform hand hygiene.
To reapply the mask, first perform hand hygiene, then open the mask storage bag.
Grasp the mask by the elastic ear loops to remove it from the bag, then look to see where the outside of the mask is by locating your identifying mark.
Use the ear loops to put it on and tuck it under your chin. Secure it to your face at the bridge of your nose. Perform hand hygiene, and stay safe and healthy.

Remember, we are all connected in circles as members of the public and we are in it together, in this fight to beat Coronavirus.

*Please let us abide by the regulations and advice by Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force*.
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