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Everyday we are being bombarded with daily death numbers from Covid-19. Global deaths and Local deaths.

CNN in particular has it fully displayed on their screen everyday. This is deliberate. You are the target. Your emotions. Your decisions. They are aiming for both. The more you see the numbers the more you freak out. The more you call for lockdowns. They’ve successfully gamed you.

There are more tragedies going on in this world everyday. More tragic than Covid-19. If CNN were to display death numbers from other causes on their screen daily, you and I will never ever ever be happy for once in our lifetime. Tragedy lives in this world but we don’t see it because we are not being bombarded with bad breaking news everyday. If you think Covid-19 is the worst death toll you’ve seen recently, then the trick has worked successfully on you. You have been hoodwinked by Mass Media hysteria.

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Currently, approximately 300,000 have died from Covid globally. 83,000 in the USA (the highest so far).

It is always wise to remind ourselves about death tolls you will not see on CNN everyday. These numbers will keep you humble and might make you hate what you now see on TV.

These numbers are in the USA ALONE.

Heart Disease = 600,000+ dead per year.

Cancer = 500,000+ dead per year.

Medical errors = 250,000 dead per year.

All accidents = 169,000 dead per year.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease = 160,000+ dead per year.

Alzheimer’s = 121,000+ dead per year.

Diabetes = 83,000+ dead per year.

Accidental Poisoning = 64,000+ dead per year.

Flu and Pneumonia = 55,000+ dead per year.

Suicide = 41,000+ dead per year.

Blood Poisoning From Bacteria = 40,000+ dead per year.

Falls = 36,000+ dead per year.

Alcohol = 35,000+ dead per year.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria = 35,000+ dead per year.

We have more people dying from heart disease each year than have died or will die from Covid. Imagine CNN breaking that news daily.

We have more people dying from cancer each year than have died or will die from Covid. Imagine CNN breaking the news each day?

More people even die from medical errors in the USA than have died or will die from Covid.

The point here is that if we had news networks reporting daily deaths to us the way they do about Covid, life as we know it will be unlivable. But by displaying daily Covid-19 death numbers on your screen they make you believe that it is the worst thing in the world. That is a big fat lie. Just look at the stats.

They are messing with your psyche. They know repetition deceives the brain. What you see everyday affects your emotions and your decision-making process.

But here are other numbers you won’t see on CNN daily;

130,000,000 starved people globally due to Covid-19, according to U.N. a fraction of which might eventually die.

30,000 probable children deaths globally due to impact of Covid-19 according to a study.

1,000,000 – 3,000,000 malaria deaths globally each year, according to the W. H. O.

More people will die from the impact of our response to Covid-19 than from Covid-19 itself.

Unless you understand the human brain and how it can be easily distracted and deceived, and the psychology of decision-making, you may not readily see through what these global media corporations are doing. By repeatedly showing you Covid-19 numbers they are distracting you from other more significant numbers. And it works on millions of people. Sadly.

Think about it. Half a million people die from heart disease and cancer respectively each year. But Covid-19 is suddenly the greatest threat to civilization.

Mind you, 99 out of 100 people with Covid-19 will recover and live. That’s not the same for cancer. 99 out of 100 people with cancer will die!

May God deliver those who believe these western news networks. They need urgent deliverance.


By Olakunle Allison

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