EndSARS: Between Gov. Seyi Makinde and the rest of them.

Whenever it’s time to make use of the brain, Gov. Makinde is always ahead of the others.
After the clash between the Police and EndSARS protesters, he withdrew the police and asked the military and other security agents to guard the protesters. He knew quite well that it was dangerous to leave those young innocent guys all alone. He knew that politicians will sponsor thugs to infiltrate their camps and cause havoc if they were not protected.

Through his wisdom, we are enjoying peace in Ibadan and Oyo state.
Many people always look down on Ibadan people without realizing that we are blessed with natural intelligence.
I’m not boasting; we are far ahead of others when it comes to issues of diplomacy.

Makinde is a good example of a young, vibrant, and intellectually sound governor amongst all the governors in Nigeria. He combines natural intelligence with Western education.

Our mates in primary school, especially those of us who lived in the same neighbourhood are not doing badly in our chosen careers.
Before he joined politics, he was a successful businessman and his company was doing very well.

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Governor Seyi Makinde is an excellent administrator, humble and young.
While others are sponsoring thugs and criminals to maim and kill innocent youths, Seyi Makinde is protecting them. He knows the future of any country belongs to the youths.

The way you handle youths will determine how the future of yours’ will look like.
People who are sponsoring political thugs against the peaceful demonstrations of Nigerian youths should continue. When the miscreants they are promoting today grow to become big criminals, their children will be among the victims.

My name is Wole Arisekola, I’m in my house in Ibadan.

Wole Arisekola
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