Global Tour and Party Ride LLC ,US , Commends President Bola Tinubu,Minister Lola Ade John


Global Tour and Party Ride LLC, an intercontinental Nigerian tourism promotion conglomerate based in Arlington, US, would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his visionary decision to appoint Mrs. Lola Ade John as Nigeria’s first Minister for Tourism.

Amb Oluwafemi Olayinka Kajogbola, the President of Global Tour and Party Ride LLC, commends President Tinubu for the establishment of a separate ministry dedicated to tourism and the appointment of a seasoned banker and IT specialist to lead it. This commendable step demonstrates President Tinubu’s dedication to the growth and development of Nigeria’s tourism sector.

Amb Kajogbola stresses the significance of tourism as an economic booster and an alternate revenue stream for the nation. Tourism has the potential to be a leading contributor to Nigeria’s economy, generating employment opportunities and attracting investments. The President of Global Tour and Party Ride LLC recognizes President Tinubu’s foresight in understanding the economic value that tourism can bring to the nation.

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The Minister for Tourism, Mrs. Lola Ade John, has showcased her determination and dedication to the role within the past few months. Her achievements in promoting domestic tourism policies are commendable. These policies encourage Nigerians to explore their own country, enhancing their cultural understanding and fostering a sense of national pride. Amb Kajogbola underscores the importance of such policies in strengthening the economy and creating a thriving tourism industry.

Furthermore, Amb Kajogbola suggests that the Minister should strive to spread the tourism gospel beyond Nigeria’s borders, particularly in Arlington, US, which is known to have one of the largest concentrations of Nigerians living abroad. By reaching out to the Nigerian diaspora and creating cross-continental exchanges, the Minister can significantly contribute to promoting Nigerian tourism on a global scale.

Global Tour and Party Ride LLC, under the leadership of Amb Oluwakemi Kajogbola, is committed to supporting and collaborating with the Minister for Tourism. As a tourism promotion conglomerate, they recognize the importance of partnership between the private sector and government in achieving the nation’s tourism goals. They stand ready to provide their expertise, resources, and support to facilitate cross-continental exchanges that benefit both Nigeria and Arlington, US.

In conclusion, Global Tour and Party Ride LLC, as a leading player in the tourism promotion industry, applauds President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the appointment of Mrs. Lola Ade John as Nigeria’s first Minister for Tourism. They commend the creation of a separate ministry and the appointment of a capable leader to manage it. With their commitment to collaborative efforts, they aim to contribute towards the growth of Nigeria’s tourism industry and the realization of its full potential.

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