Widespread Panic As Nigeria Records First Case Of COVID-19

There is widespread panic in Nigeria as the Federal Ministry of Health on Friday announced the country’s first case of the deadly respiratory illness, Coronavirus codenamed COVID-19.

The patient said to be an Italian who works in Nigeria reportedly landed in Lagos state on the 25th of February and started exhibiting symptoms of the virus on the 26th.

Although the Lagos State Government has said that the virus is under control as the patient was under intensive care and shows no symptom, the news has most Nigerians especially Lagosians shook.

This is due to the state’s overpopulation and how quickly the virus could spread nationwide if not contained.

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Tutu of Port Harcourt@TutuAbbey

Just on Wednesday, WHO said that for the first time the virus was spreading faster outside China, where it originated. And we just allowed a flight from that same country ITALY casually come into Nigeria? I don’t get it.
Don’t our leaders listen to news?

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Dear God, this country Nigeria is going through alot already, please help us to curb this coronavirus, we are all looking for something to survive on, and we don’t want to die in that process.. 😑😨 Amen!

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Praying Mantis@Oluayesa

I can’t be looking for how to eat 3times a day and still be looking for how to protect myself from contacting this virus..

Oluwa have mercy

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It has finally happened! 🥺 What is an Italian doing in Nigeria for God’s sake? He came 25th and got sick 26th?

What about those on the plane he boarded and those he had had contacts with?

Imagine Corona in Lagos with these unfortunate buses? 😭

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Special Head🇳🇬@waleshabie730

Mark this tweet, COVID-19 first case in Nigeria might be the end of the virus as we will be the one to find a solution to it.

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No1 BEDDINGS SELLER_30BG🔱🦄@MariamOyeyebi

The Nigerian government should have blacklisted every fucking country with the corona virus but no oo they rather ban Okada and Napep Lagos island market alone aah blood of Jesus !God you saw us through Ebola please do it again 🙏🏽 our doctors are great ones

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This is not a time to spread panic. Spread information. Be vigilant. Be safe.
If any one notice any symptoms please call Lagos State Emergency hotlines:
Keep those numbers someone might be needing it. Please retweet.

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