OPINION: Let Nigerian Women Breathe, Senators! By Wole Arisekola



The Hyeana in the seat of power is presumed as an innocent goat.

If you think that all men will be reasonable when they see the opposite sex, that means you are not reasonable at all.

I have been watching the ongoing senate screening by our distinguished Senators and to be candid, for the first time in history, I must commend our senators for a job well done.

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But having said that, the questions being asked by some of our senators when the female nominees enter the Chambers do not portray them as distinguished and honourable men as they are supposed to be.

I have watched the British Parliament on many occasions, and I have had the opportunity to watch both the osechra in the Republic of Ireland.
I have never seen the type of embarrassment and show of shame that the so-called distinguished Senators displayed whenever a female nominee mounts the podium to address our distinguished senators.

What is the relevance of asking female nominees about their husbands and children? How. many men were asked whether they are single or married. What is the reason for subjecting these female folks to this type of ridiculous question? Is that supposed to be our problem when the whole country is facing both economic and financial problems?

I’m not surprised, it is easy to take people out of Ajegunle but not easy to take Ajegunle out of the people.
If that type of question was asked by any member of the parliament in England, the person would be asked to resign with immediate effect.

Some people lack decorum on how to talk in public and our senators should not intimidate women whenever they come out for the screening.
Asking a female nominee why she left medicine and pursued another profession is barbaric. So many senators sitting in there have no degrees in political science or law.
They looked for avenues to serve their fatherland and correct what is presumably wrong in our dear country.

The whole world is watching us and there are so many questions being asked from all over the world about how we respect the opposite sex in Nigeria. The proportion of women on the ministerial list fell short of the 35 per cent threshold recommended for Affirmative Action.
Looking at the female nominee lustfully and asking irrelevant questions whenever they mount the podium for their clearance did not portray us as a country with the highest respect for women.

I’m begging our Senators to let women breathe. Women’s lives matter as well.

Wole Arisekola

Mogaji Wole Arisekola writes from Ibadan.

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