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Can Europe, US & South America learn from South Africa’s Ministry of Health response to first and second Covid-19 waves?

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Buhari suspends Twitter operations indefinitely in Nigeria following deletion of his post!

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By Wale-Ojo Lanre While leaders in the United States and Brazil rejected scientific and medical advice, and chose to embrace conspiracy theories, South Africa’s Ministry of Health immediately adopted a science and fact-based approach to fighting Covid-19. The Ministry fought the virus, not the science. Since the first coronavirus case was reported in South Africa …

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….as DG applauds Fayemi’s tourism drive   50 vibrant Ekiti youths in tourism would enjoy a series of training, intellectual empowerment and exposure from the ambience of Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, NTDC, Abuja. According to Mr Folorunso Folarin Coker, Director – General, Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation , NTDC, the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode …

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LEGALITY OR OTHERWISE OF THE DIRECTIVE TO PROSECUTE VIOLATORS OF TWITTER BAN IN NIGERIA – AJULO Sequel to the temporary ban of Twitter operations in Nigeria by the Federal Government on Friday, 4th June, 2021, my attention has been drawn to a directive credited to the Attorney General of the Federation for the prosecution of …

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The Nigerian government headed by the former dictator President Muhammadu Buhari says it has suspended, indefinitely, the operations of the microblogging and social networking service, Twitter, in the country. Mr Mohammed has for long championed the call for regulation of soci media in the country, claiming the platforms are used to spew hate. This comes …

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