Why we want Dare Adeleke sacked -Group


We are addressing this public tribunal, not for the sake of ourselves but this generation and the next generations of Oyo State indigenes and Nigeria. We are indigenes of Oyo State who are not only interested in the progress of the state but also have a deep interest in ourselves and our well being.

Hon Dare Adeleke – PDP


We are composed of men and women of different socio-cultural – political affiliations in Oyo State who will not keep shut our mouths whenever someone is threatening our common interest in the name of serving Oyo State diligently Hence, we came together in unison of purpose to address the press conference on why Dare Adeleke, the man who is heading the Oyo State Pacesetter Transport Company must go by force or by fire. And we assure you that we are going to do everything humanly legally and otherwise possible to ensure that this Dare Adeleke is sacked and destroyed for life .

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Reasons For Calling For His Sack

We want the public to know that when Dare Adeleke was appointed some of us particularly our members who work at that organisation were very happy We rejoiced, danced and praised God that Governor Makinde has sent to us a good jolly fellow who would be able to relate with Our members took his good look and composture for granted believing that he would not be able to hurt a fly or being mischievous in deeds, acts and character. And honestly, when you see him, he looks very amiable and like someone who we can do good business with. We saw in him a person who will be able to continue to build on the legacy left behind or build on the platform he met on the ground or go on with the status quo ante.
We believed he would be a man of our conscience who we could easily guide, or use to toe our path on how things are done at the corporation.
We assumed that we were in the hands of another nice fellow like his predecessors Under who we thrived well personally not minding what happens to the company.
We even thought that we were going to be well off under him because of our perception that he is a jolly fellow, those that are called buje bud and Hence we moved closer to him and we revealed to him the modus operandi in that corporation We unveiled all our strategies of doing business with the corporation for him which have sustained our prosperity in the company and those which have not necessarily been so useful to the company We exposed everything that we and his predecessors have been doing which have been beneficial to us and which have only kept the company just existing.
We thought we were doing ourselves and Dare Adeleke a lot of goodness We expected Dare Adeleke to be with us and for us bearing the fact that we have let him into the secret of doing business in this company. But shamefully enough, this Dare Adeleke turned against us We were shocked after we have released, exposed and unveiled all those strategies which have used to keep the company half dead and which we were able to milk the company to our benefit when this Dare Adeleke called a meeting where he announced that he was not going to be part of us who enjoying in suckling the revenue of the company We were terrified when he announced that “it is not going to be business as usual but business unusual”
He did not stop at that, this Dare Adeleke went further to set up a secret committee that understudied and reviewed all our modus operandi which we used to defraud the company and made available to him by us, moved ahead to plug the loopholes and blocked all the areas where we used to syphon the resources of the company To many people, you may not know this, one of the sweetest points of soup for us is the areas of retaining used and unserviceable vehicles. You should know hardly can we make money from vehicles which are new, fairly new or barely old.
Our major pot of soup is by forcing patently unserviceable vehicles permanently on the road. This is the major area where we used to drain the revenue of the company This is where we used to get fat claims under constant repair and maintenance which we used to enrich ourselves and supply returns to some of his predecessors And this is one major casualty of Dare Adeleke’s reforms.
We acknowledged that Dare Adeleke fished out all these vehicles which we used as drainpipes and announced that he would not waste the resources of the company on them any longer but all of them would have to be ‘ butchered ‘ to fix some and sell-off in parts . At this, we were even happy We thought he would do all these under the table. We mean ‘ as one knows one ‘ but alas this wicked Dare Adeleke has to fulfil all legal righteousness at boarding out these vehicles to the buyers at Gate! No under the table’s deal. He even carried along his principal – the Governor in all this! Rubbish!
It is true that since Dare Adeleke has been appointed our company has been witnessing flurry of corporate engagements and top-notch clientele which was not the situation before him It is a truth that Dare is a man with a Midas ‘ touch as things are looking up buoyantly in the company since his appointment though. It is a fact that since the company has been inaugurated, it has never witnessed this deluge of revenue cascading into its kitty since Dare Adeleke’s presence. Despite all our attempts to convince him do our ways, it is a glaring fact that Dare Adeleke is the first Oga of our company who has added value to the environment of our business and making we workers working in an ambience of a nice office. Yet we are not sastisfied with this.
It is a brazen fact that the new vehicles that were procured by Governor Makinde’s administration are better by far in terms of design, mechanical parts availability and environmental responsibility and Dare Adeleke preferred the new ones to the one acquired by the former Governor of Oyo State which are not only old, rickety but have been overused, outdated, unserviceable and all becoming burdens on the revenue of the company. And you people know that it is when he prefers to use the old vehicles that we can continue to make our ill-gotten gains.
These are cogent reasons why he must go or be destroyed politically.  And you think we should not conspire with opposition parties and disgruntled elements in the society to discredit Dare Adeleke for doing what his predecessors failed to do?
Do you think we should not write frivolous allegations to Sahara Reporters alleging fraud against Dare Adeleke when the only thing he has done is to prevent us from further defrauding the company?
And you think some of us who make cheap money from making frivolous maintenance and repairing claims from those useless vehicles which Dare Adeleke have turned to gold by legally boarded them as extra revenue to the company should be happy? No, for striving hard to reposition, re-engineer, reform and re-invigorate the revenue base of Pacesetter Transport Company by blocking the loopholes and making straight the corners where we used to syphon the revenue of the company, Dare Adeleke must go. And for Dare Adeleke being resourceful and proactive by injecting freshness, corporate branding, innovation and renovation into the hitherto dead Pacesetter Transport Company making its corpse health and not walking but running fast and fast, Dare Adeleke must go. ….all of una na oniyyeye Go ko , come ni Only useless goats like us will ask him to go.
I hope you are not one of us Dare Adeleke is an asset to the Oyo State God will not smile at Gov Makinde for appointing our enemy.
Oyo State Associations of evil doers, blackmailers and cults averse to development.
Hon Dare Adeleke. Chairman, Oyo State Transport Corporation.
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